Clara Orban

Author of Wine Lessons: Ten Questions to Guide Your Appreciation of Wine
Illinois Wines and Wineries:  The Essential Guide published June 30, 2014 by Southern Illinois University Press

CLARA ORBAN is professor of French and Italian at DePaul University.  In 2010, she became department Chair of Modern Languages.  She received her Ph.D. at the University of Chicago in Romance Languages, both French and Italian.  She regularly teaches courses at all levels in both Italian and French, and, for since 2002, has taught Geography 350: The World of Wine.


She has published books, book chapters, articles, and presented papers on surrealism, futurism, language pedagogy, AIDS literature, sports, TV, and Italian film.  Her books include scholarly and pedagogical texts: Au Travail! A  Workbook for Business French; Cytomegalovirus (translation from the French of Hervé Guibert’s work); The Culture of Fragments: Words and Images in Futurism and Surrealism; and Surrealist Case Studies: Literature, the Arts and Medicine. She published her first novel, Terra Firma, in 2006.  Her sixth book, Body [in] Parts, 2008, provides an analysis of the Marquis de Sade’s influence on Hervé Guibert. 

Since teaching Geography 350, she became a certified sommelier.  The second edition of Wine Lessons: Ten Questions to Guide Your Appreciation of Wine was  published in 2012  and  is available on  She has given numerous lectures on wine and led fundraising wine events.

Illinois Wines and Wineries: The Essential Guide is now available at:

Her interest in Hungarian cinema has led to several presentations and to future projects.